Saturday, October 16, 2010


Until the end of October, in Akademija's cafe, you can see some comics, drawings, and prints by Turbo Comix, Studio Strip, Craoman, and, of course, me. Here are some drawings I did just for the occasion.


Here are two murals I did in AKADEMIJA's big club in Belgrade. The first one is all mine, and the mer-monkey I did with Johanna from Turbo Comix. Craoman, and Vuk Palibrk painted murals too, the photos can be found on facebook. The theme was "underwater," and they came out looking pretty nice, if I may say so! Go check them out for yourselves!


Here is a comic/mural I painted in a building in Pancevo. Turbo Comix, Vuk Palibrk and Toma Pan and Vldmr Pooding painted murals too. The photos are on facebook.